Two Stabbed in Gang Fight Video

A routine trip to El Cajon turned bloody as two gangs got on each other’s nerves inside the MTS Orange line trolley. A woman in a wheelchair was caught in between these two fighting factions and started screaming which prompted a passenger to whip out his phone and proceeded to record the gang fight video. […]

Gain The Upper Hand In A Street Fight

The world is turning into a crazy place. Now a days people are willing to fight for just about anything! People are willing to fight over: Girls Arguments Cutting someone off Sneakers Money Your total defense will determine your endurance and outcome in a fight. If you never been in a fight then your in […]

Setup Robbery Goes Wrong! Turns Into A Shootout

Setup Robbery of a security guard goes wrong and turns into a shootout, leaves two criminals shot and bloody a girl with a 72 jersey pulls up first which later seems that she was used as a distraction, comes up and ask the security guards a couple of questions while four guys slowly walks up […]